The Doc Rowe Collection Support Group


Some 15 years ago I realised that my good friend and collector of things traditional was having difficulty with the amount of ‘stuff’ that he was amassing – film, video, audio, photographs, folk memorabilia and paraphernalia. If you don’t know about Doc’s work then you can read more about him and about his collection on his own web site.

I started a scheme called ‘Buy Doc A Pint’ and this was to enable his many friends and supporters to contribute the price of a pint every month in order to pay the rent on the archive, which is housed in Whitby. Some people pay more and some pay less, according to their circumstances, but every penny counts and absolutely every penny goes towards paying the rent which is approximately £400 p/m. Nothing is used for adminstration or web site costs or anything like that – these are paid for by other supporters including myself.

Look at his site and see the work that he is engaged in. If you would like to join us in supporting him then go to his contact page and find out how to donate. Regular support or one-off donations all help.